A Brief Explanation of Can Black People Get Lice?

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Head lice is a problem which is a fact but at the same time it is annoying for people. Having head lice is an embarrassing issue specifically for children who are school going. First of all, you need to know what head lice actually are. They are small insects that do not contain any wings. Now, the question may arise in your mind that how they transfer from one to another. So, the answer is that they shift from one person to another person through direct contact because they do not have the ability to fly. They survive on the human blood which they get from their host body. Though, most of the people have question in their mind “can black people get lice”. If you have same question, then in this article you will get your reply.


Mostly asked question can black people get lice


Usually, American and European individuals are in the search of this question that “can black people get lice”. People ask this question because Caucasian has been more individuals. This happens due to the reason that just 0.3 percent of the African American children used to acquire head lice, while on the contrary, the percentage is 10.4 percent more than Caucasian children. So, the issue is that why it occurs?

Short answer of can black people get lice

So, the short answer of this question is ‘yes’ they have.

Hair Structure is the reason of can black people get lice

Hair structure is one of the main reasons that black people get less lice as compared to the white people. Usually, black people have Caribbean hair style and white people prefer to have straight hair. Moreover, the hair of white people is different in structure than the hair of black people.

Why is this so?

Though, the hair structure may differ. The Caucasian people get round hair profile while the African Americans contain oval shaped hair profile. For us, it is not a big deal, but when it comes to lice then yes it is a big deal for them. The scraps of head lice are modified to fir with the hair but their scraps are not easily manageable with the oval shaped hair. The oval shape of the hairs (which African Americans adopt) disturb their scuttling. So, when the round shape of hair profile interferes their crawling, then as a result, they leave that place and move to others.

Diagnosis Required

Though, African Americans have less chance to develop lice but still they have the capability to infest the lice. So, timely and proper diagnosis is required in order to throw them away along with appropriate treatment. Just some weeks are required for them to reproduce, this is the reason that doctors and health practitioners recommend effective and fast treatment for lice. Moreover, checkup on regular basis is also required.

Hopefully, this article is successful in providing you the response of can black people get lice. Stay connected for more useful information.

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