Morning Desert Safari and its Facilities

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Morning desert safari is appropriate in the morning for those people who are busy in the evening. The purpose of this safari is to provide the people thoroughly enjoy the nature by different activities.

These movements included

  • Dune Bashing
  • Camel riding
  • Sand surfing
  • Quad biking
  • Camping
  • Hunting and Fishing

What is Safari?

The word safari came from the Urdu word Safar. Safari means to go for adventure from one place to another. William Cornwallis Harris developed the safari in is enjoy even in the morning or evening with drinks, tobacco, and food. It was used in adventure films like Jungle book and Tarzan. Safari provided countless hours of cinema entertainment from Trader Horn onwards. The novels of Jules Verne and H. Rider Haggard describe the journeys of English tourists on safari and were good sellers in those days. There is also a certain theme or style affiliated with the word safari. Which includes Khaki dressing, slouch hats or pith helmets, belted bush jackets and animal skin marking.



Desert safari Facilities

The mission of morning Desert Safari is to provide the people best tourist activities and give them is very beneficial for those people who stayed in Dubai for a day or a few hours. They can enjoy this safari in the morning within some hour we also provide the people water and soft drinks. In the end, the car will drop you back to your hotel or residence. The complete tour is about 5 or 6 hour.

Schedule are included in the morning dessert safari

The car will pick up you in the morning from your residence or hotel and will bring you straight to the desert for 40 minutes where you will enjoy dunes bashing. After this, the car will take you to the camp and then you can enjoy for camel riding, sand surfing, hunting, fishing, and camping. The prices for old, adult and children are as follows: Adult (9-99) =USD$75.00 and Children (4-8) =USD$65.00.This price is for one person. These prices are affordable for every visitor including pick and drop facility, quad biking, sand surfing, hunting and fishing, camping, camel riding and don’t forget belly dance. During the safari involving road traffic accident, unsound person and the person who have heart problems are at own their risk. During the journey, Children’s below four years will be under the parent’s responsibility.

Morning, Overnight and Evening desert safari in Dubai

Dubai is a very beautiful place for safaris. Desert safari is peculiar to the United Arab Emirates. If you go to Dubai, you do not miss the desert safari. You can book our private desert safari to enjoy with your family, relatives, and friends. Desert safari is precious for the people who want to go to trip and want to spend their time with fun. During the journey, you can click photographs after the safari pictures remind you the happiest moments that you spent during the safari. Desert dune camping is supreme for new campers. In the desert, you will see how the earlier Arabian people were lived with their minimum luggage and the desert animal. The belly dance of the girls will also thrill you. There are the girls that came from different countries will perform belly dance. The desert safari and the belly dance are the highlights of United Arab Emirates. Belly dance is unique and not available anywhere else. Don’t miss the morning dessert safari if you visit Dubai.


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