Toothache, the five tips to deal with emergencies on vacation

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To the teeth it is one of the most annoying and unbearable pain that you can try. Sometimes it seems that fate, aware of how much a toothache can ruin a day, doing everything to trigger pain at inopportune moments, such as at night or when there is a dentist available. What to do, for example, when the toothache breaks away from home, perhaps even during the summer holidays?


Here are some tips to deal with emergency situations.


When he jumps a filling must avoid drinks and foods are too cold. It ‘also important to try to maintain the best possible cleaning. Who has the courage to try can groped to insert in the cavity left dall’otturazione who jumped a little ‘cotton wool,, careful to replace it often. Also it can be useful to make dressings eugenol. The kits for self-medication can be bought in pharmacies.


When, however, they have to jump a capsule or a bridge you can try to re-attach provisionally. Again, just go to the pharmacy and ask the specific concrete necessary to use only after eliminating the residues of the old cement or food and you have dried the tooth thoroughly. For the rest, just follow the instructions on the product and tighten the teeth a piece of cloth for a few minutes.


The cold is to be avoided even when you break a tooth. No ice, then, but anti-inflammatory, preferably taking advice from the pharmacist. The part of skipped tooth can be preserved in a solution of salt and water or in a little ‘milk.


In case of abscess pain can be alleviated with ice packs on the cheek or drinking very cold water. Since it is crucial to address the problem by taking antibiotics it should go by the doctor on duty. Pending the visit you can do rinse with water and salt, or, explains Turkish, “with 2 tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide at lower concentrations (3%, corresponding to 10 volumes)”, then brushing his teeth with toothbrush and toothpaste.


Sage may however be useful to those who are with an inflammation of the gums. E ‘can chew a few more times per day or to elapse some leaf directly on the gums. “Council – adds Turkish – to buy a mouthwash based on chlorhexidine. Alternatively, you can build one by boiling in a pot of water of sage leaves for about 10 minutes, strain, add the salt and use once cooled. ”


It must not, however, forget that in cases where the emergency is obvious it is good to sacrifice a few hours of their vacation time to be examined by the medical service. Otherwise the expense could be the rest of the holiday.




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