What can eat a dog with hepatitis?

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If your dog has hepatitis will need to make food to take extreme precautions and making sure that his diet is varied, adequate and suitable to his illness. Liver infections should be treated with caution, because this organ vital need to convey all that your animal ingests company; It must make sure that his diet will become an essential element in maintaining his health. There must always be a vet to indicate what is the diet that must follow your dog, but on uncome indicate you, in general, what can eat a dog with hepatitis.


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dog with hepatitis

dog with hepatitis


As already said, it is important that the diet to follow for a dog with hepatitis is indicated by a veterinary Because there are several causes and stages of the disease and this will depend on the choice of a cure or another. In principle, the power supply for a dog with hepatitis should be rich in vegetable protein and low in sodium and copper.



The importance of plant proteins. Dogs are carnivores that feed mainly consists of animal protein; However, if you suffer from hepatitis should eliminate such substances and replace them with those of vegetable origin such as tofu, soy or seitan. The reason of this change is that the foods meat contains nitrogen, which produces ammonia when it decomposes, a very toxic nutrient for the liver.


The diet of a dog with hepatitis must contain at least one daily 20% protein, which must be of high quality and, where possible, of plant origin for the reasons we have just listed. If you cannot meet this condition, you can talk to a veterinarian to be prescribed a protein supplement.



Add carbohydrates to your diet. Although it may seem strange, when you reduce the intake of animal protein it is necessary to increase the carbohydrates in his diet. Normally, a dog does not need carbohydrates, which can be introduced in its power only occasionally; However, a person with hepatitis dog can not eat meat and therefore must take the calories from other foods

Of this group, the most suitable to be introduced into the diet of a dog is brown rice. Above all, it is important that it is integral because, otherwise, it will not provide the necessary nutrients to your dog. Rice is a high-quality cereal and easy to digest.



The vegetable fibers are also important for your dog with hepatitis. It is unlikely that a dog wants to eat vegetables because the taste and texture does not like, however, if you can add a little ‘of ingredients such as green beans, spinach, lettuce, etc.. since the fibers contained in them help the intestine to absorb endotoxins, thus avoiding that they arrive to the liver. Keep in mind that foods such as tomatoes and onions are toxic to dogs: of uncome you have what are the toxic foods for dogs.


A cunning ploy to make you eat your vegetables is to mix it with the fat or oil with which you have cooked meat; In this way, the smell of the food will attract his attention and be able to make you eat it.



Add vitamin C in his diet. This nutrient is a natural antioxidant and is absolutely recommendable to treat a dog with hepatitis. Normally, the canines feed already contain a large amount of this vitamin but consulting your veterinarian on whether or not to include an extra to ensure the health of your. It is important to decide with a specialist as an excess of vitamin C can raise the copper, a mineral fatal for the liver.



Increase vitamin K in its power. This nutrient promotes blood clotting and for this it is very suitable for dogs with hepatitis, especially, in the case where the disease is chronic. Hepatitis causes the liver does not coagulating agents genera and is not even able to produce and store vitamin K; so it is vitally important to incorporate this vitamin manually in your dog’s diet. This vitamin is found in green leafy vegetables is that in some fruits.


This article is for information only, in uncome.It we have no power to prescribe any veterinary treatment or perform any sort of diagnosis. We invite you to bring your pet to a veterinarian if present any kind of discomfort.



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